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Mar 11, 2010


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"Indeed, I would ask both liberal and conservative readers to perform the following thought experiment: based on your personal family, school and work experience, what is more dangerous – to conform to social norms and rules, or to rebel against them? Who needs more intelligence, the conformist or the rebel? I hope that most readers will agree that rebels attract a lot more heat and criticism than conformists. Consequently, they probably needed to have extra intelligence. Throughout human evolution, rebels and outsiders probably were only to survive – and pass their genes on to future generations – if they also were a bit smarter than average. "

How are modern liberals rebels? They support government authority being imposed over just about every aspect of life. How on earth is that rebellious? Also I think being what's called a liberal today is about the safest position one can take currently. Otherwise you're classified by most of the mainstream society as a racist, sexist, bigot, hater of the poor, etc. I think that the only 'conservative' position that's relatively uncontroversial is support for war. 'Support the troops' tends to be a safe opinion as it's also pro-government.

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