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Dec 05, 2009


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Ah yes. The I-cannot-believe-she-did-it-because-she-looks-so-innocent defence.

You should have followed your own advice: suspend judgement.

It seems that the sympathetic perp, pretty blond girl Amanda, gets the benefit of your doubt all the way.

I'm guessing you're not familiar with the uppermiddle class queen bee type of young female? They are quite ferocious and bloodthirsty, excellent actresses and liars.

Young people do not think through the consequences of their actions, especially under the influence of drugs and alcohol and when peer pressure is at work.
Some young girls have figured out that they are the paragon of virtue in society's eyes and are excellent liars and manipulators.

IF Amanda is responsible in some way for the murder, it is not as bizarre as you think. Everybody is capable of gruesome acts, the Millwall experiment and the Stanford prison experiment showed that clearly.

Besides: Amanda Knox is American, her lover is Italian. Blaming the black guy comes quite naturally to them, more natural than to Scandinavians for example.

First of all, "15isTheBest", being under the influence of weed would NEVER motivate anyone to commit such a brutal homicide unless they are already dealing with some sort of mental/ psychotic disorder. And if that was the case with Amanda, I'm pretty sure she'd have a record before this whole fiasco ever occurred.

Second, I just wanted to share this little article with you, professor, because it somewhat relates to this entry.


I read it a while ago when I was looking for inspiration for a collection and thought the human fascination with disaster and death would be an interesting topic [twisted, I know]. In the article, Emily Godbey, a professor at Albright College is sited in saying that "we're able to experience the existential dilemma of human lives -- that we know we're going to die.. but if we're watching it and not in it, there's no real risk, and in a way you get to deny that you're not dying … and it's a moment of relief." Basically we get to experience death or disaster from the sidelines and are thus comforted by the fact that it's not us in that situation.

I thought you might find this interesting, I did. =)

Dear Julia, what the F are you actually implying? You are using a straw man argument:
Weed? Who said that? not me, maybe the prosecutor, but he didn't say "weed" he said drugs and alcohol! Alcohol makes whites aggressive, more so than it does with blacks. Google the appropriate studies.
And that Amanda would already have a record, that's entirely your conjecture, your health care system is not as good as you think it is in detecting the mentally ill. See Loughner, Virginia Tech.
Plus, for all you know, she is in the system, but it's suppressed.

There's a clear case of white woman syndrome going on, which is merely a form of racism. The whole oh-my-god-she's a white girl i can't believe she did it" thing.

yes, this late between reactions, but I'm faster than Julia's reaction was to my first post, so. And she's still jail, so....

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