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Jul 28, 2009


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Racial profiling?
You are an on-duty police officer for the town of Anywhere.

Your community has been struggling with a violence problem (mostly drug-related shootings & murders) for decades. More than 98% of the perpetrators are Caucasian males who wear polo shirts & khakis, drive European sedans, and play classical music on the car stereo. The crimes typically happen in the early evening near bookstores.

It is 7:00pm and you are only two blocks from a Barnes & Noble. You spot a 4-door BMW headed in the direction of the store and decide to follow. Upon approach, you see several Caucasian males inside the car. They are wearing polo shirts. Pachabel's Canon is clearly audible through the open sun-roof.

They have not commited a voilation of the law you have observed.

Is it racial profiling if you stop them?

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