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Daria Jones

Answer to #10:
Japan has the highest GDP in Asia ($4.9 trillion), while Bhutan has the lowest ($1.4 billion)

Daria Jones

Answer to #8: South Africa has the highest GDP ($242 billion) of all countries on the African continent, while Sao Tome and Principe has the lowest ($123 million)

Daria Jones

Answer to #7: Liechtenstein has the enormously high GDP per capita of $118,000, which is the highest figure of all countries in the world, not just Europe.

Chandra Sweet

12. What is a good website for understanding Korean culture?

Rita Zaret

ANSWER #9: Highest GDP in Latin America in general $5,263,870. The highest country's GDP is Brazil with $1,833,601. Lowest country's GDP is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with $249.

Rita Zaret

ANSWER #11: Good website to understand Japanese culture:


Chandra Sweet

4. What's the most corrupt country in Asia? The least corrupt?
Most corrupt: Iraq
Least corrupt: Singapore

5. What's the most corrupt country in Africa? The least corrupt?
Most corrupt: Somalia
Least corrupt: Botswana

6. What's the most corrupt country in Europe? The least corrupt?
Most corrupt: Belarus
Least corrupt: Denmark

All statistics according to Transparency International

Alexandra Crawford

Answer #2:
You can find out how much of a given product/ category the U.S. imports from abroad by visiting the United States Department of Labor website.

Website Link: http://www.bls.gov/mxp/ippfaq.htm

Ziyan Ding

12) What is a good website for understanding Korean culture?



Ziyan Ding

3) What’s the most corrupt country in Latin America (in terms of bribery)? The least corrupt?

Most Corrupt: Venezuela
Least Corrupt: Chile and Uruguay

[Work Cited: http://www.transparency.org/policy_research/surveys_indices/cpi/2008]

Lauren Gay


If your looking for GDP per capita (which I thought that the assignment stated) then:

Which country has the highest GDP per capita?

Europe: Luxembourg- $113,044, Moldova- $1,809
Africa: Equatorial Guinea- $14,941, Burundi- $138
Latin America: Venezuela- $11,388, Nicaragua- $1,025
Asia: Signapore- $38,972, Afghanistan- $429


Michael Crowe

Question #13 What is a good website for understanding Italian culture?


About.com is a great reference for learning about Italy and its culture and has a lot of interesting articles on related topics.

Michael Crowe

Question #11 What is a good website for understanding Japanese culture?


This website is good for understanding Japanese culture because it is very easy to navigate and gives a wide variety of cultural topics to explore. It's better than the previously posted website on Japan because it has more types of information and is more visually pleasing.

Marc Igneri

#7 Which country has the highest GDP per capita in Europe?

I think Lauren's answer could be incorrect, since it relies on IMF membership and World Bank data. Liechtenstein is not a member of the IMF and according to an excerpt from a Bloomberg article they are not included in World Bank statistics.

"Liechtenstein's gross national income per inhabitant was 103,000 francs ($96,000) in 2004, according to the latest government figures. While Liechtenstein isn't included in World Bank statistics, those figures put the country ahead of top- ranked Luxembourg, where the figure was $56,380."

The CIA World Factbook, which is more inclusive, lists Liechtenstein as the highest GDP per capita in Europe.

Sources: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2004rank.html

#2- The U.S. Census Bureau's Foreign Trade department is a good resource for determining an accurate import/export statistic for a certain industry and/or country. This PDF contains a very detailed report and analysis of our foreign trade activity:


Viet Dang

12. What’s a good website for understanding Korean culture?

Another great website for understanding Korean Culture is http://www.korea.net/.

Tom Knowles

Question 1-
While there is no such forum or survey that exists tells a person the market for donuts (lol), the CIA world fact book gives the information needed to calculate the market size. If you were to sell donuts in you would look at a countries people and demographics as supplied by the CIA world fact book. From here you could estimate the size of the population that would eat donuts based on the “donut eating criteria” which could be, mostly males from `8-25 who live in urban areas and are of Uzbek ethnic group.


Lissette Rodriguez

11. What’s a good website for understanding Japanese culture?

This is a one-stop site for everything you need to know about Japanese culture and traditions.

12. Korean culture?

Detailed History of Korean culture and history

13. Italian culture


Steven Aldrich

Answer #11

This has a bullet pointed list of the top ten things to be aware of in Japanese culture, as it differs from American Culture.


For additional information on Customs and traditions (with links for more explanations to gain further insight), this webstie is suggested.


Answer #12

Since I intern for a global marketing company that deals heavily with Korean products, I can list a few sites here that will give more depth into recent developments in Korean products (The following links are projects we participated in):



This is a good link for an overview of Korean culture.


Answer #13

Really great overview of Italian culture

About.com breaks it down into specifics for each industry.

Derrick Powers

Question #11
Here is another good link for Japenese culture on Wikipedia. Also the second link has over 220 pages of Japansese culture.


Irinel De Leon

# 13: Italian Culutre



These websites provide lots of essential information on the culture, customs and language of Italy.

#12: Korean Culture


Irinel De Leon

11. What’s a good website for understanding Japanese culture?
The website below gives gives quick Japanese customs you should know before planning a trip to Japan.


Below is also another website that's filled with all types of information about the country.


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